Amazing 2021 Hidden Hacks of Window 10

As we all know Windows 10 update is coming soon it is very important to know these amazing tips and tricks first. 

Today i’ll cover my list of favorite tips for windows 10 that can really make a difference for you some of these are new some have been there for a while but they’re a bit hidden.

  • Multitasking in Edge 

Most of us have multiple applications open at the same time when we’re working now the fastest way in windows to switch between these apps is to use the shortcut = alt +tab but this handy shortcut only worked for apps now for the many tabs we usually have to open in our internet browser that’s changed now. When you press alt tab with edge open you’ll see your browser tabs right alongside your other apps in the task switcher. 

Even there are also some settings to customize your experience just click on windows start button settings then click on system and select multitasking with this setting . Now you can choose whether to show all or to only show your last three or five (as per your choice) browser tabs so that you don’t overload the task switcher with the last option. You can also can turn off this feature in case you can’t get used to it but most of people love it. So try this hack now.

  • Hidden Performance Mode

Yes you heard right Hidden performance mode not many know of this windows 10 has a performance mode that you can turn on to make sure that your hardware is running at peak performance this is windows ludicrous mode but most people will actually never see it because it’s only enabled by default for workstations. For enable this :

on the windows start button and type in command prompt then type in command now you put the command – powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

(just copy it from there then hit enter ) .That’s it let’s close, the window and go back to the power and sleep and to the additional power settings and now we can enable the ultimate performance plan this mode will essentially disable all power savings features in exchange for best possible

performance now i don’t recommend using this all the time because it will prioritize performance over energy efficiency but for projects when you want to use the additional juice it may come in handy and you can always change back to the balance plan. 

  •  Windows Storage Sense Free Up the Space

This tip is all about freeing space on your PCs hard drive now with a windows feature called Storage Sense. In this you can automatically get rid of temporary or unnecessary files

now what the most unique thing is that it works with one drive so it looks through your locally available files in one drive and moves them to online only if you haven’t opened them for a certain time frame this way you can release a lot of space locally. While your files are safe in the cloud

just click the windows button and type in storage settings ,up here you can turn on storage sense then you can configure it to your needs per default storage sense only runs if you’re low on disk space.  

  • Turn off background apps

As we know each app that’s running in the background is draining your computer’s battery and turn your computer slower the background apps can continue to perform actions even when you don’t open them even it may make sense for some apps too.  Just update in the background like your email and your calendar or the weather app but for most of them it’s not necessary and just to be clear preventing an app from running in the background doesn’t mean you can’t use it.It just means it won’t be running in the background when you’re not using it to change the settings click on the

start button go to settings select privacy and then scroll down to background apps you can either turn off background apps completely up or you can scroll down the list of apps and disable each depending on what you want.

We hope these tips will be helpful.

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