As the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the rules of the work, buying a good laptop becomes even more essential for your work-from-home environment. We are sure there must be a lot of questions in your mind. Which brand? Which store? What price? What specs? Sadly, there are no easy answers to those. But the good news is – we know how to steer you in the right direction. 

Here’s what to look for, if you are out to buy the best laptop possible: 

  • Online research & review 

Before you head out to buy, the first thing you have to do is – thorough online research. It is time to make good use of your internet-savvy skills and check for the specifications, the brand, the model, the price and most importantly, the reviews given by the experts and the buyers. We, at Digital Dreams, also do our best to give honest product reviews on our YouTube Channel – Take a look to make your opinion. 

  • Find an authorized store close to you 

In a world full of Android Phones and iPhones, where every smartphone is equipped with Google maps and GPS, locating a store nearby you is not too hard. Just remember to search for the brand-authorized exclusive store, call them and then visit the store. For example, if you are looking for a Lenovo laptop, there are only a few authorized exclusive stores from the brand itself, like Lenovo Exclusive Store – Digital Dreams. We advise you to visit these stores only – as this will not only helps you to buy authentic brand laptops but will also offer you other brand loyalty programs. 

  •  Check for store’s company certificate 

Once you visit the store, do check and ask around for the authentic company certificate. <Insert Sample Store Company Certificate given to Digital Dreams> This certificate is a proof that you are buying from an authorized dealer. Going to a store that doesn’t offer you this certificate might fetch you a lesser price deal, but buying from a certified store will guarantee you the authenticity of the product, eventually, guaranteeing you peace of mind. 

  • Check for the seal-packed box 

A product on display is usually never offered for you to buy. So when you select a model after getting a demo from the display window, always go for the product that is well-placed inside a seal-box. The seal-packed box will always have a black-coloured seal. Before you buy, ensure the seal was not broken before. After opening the box, assess the contents you find inside your box 

1 – the laptop, the battery, the power adapter, etc. Another way to check if your laptop is brand new or not – look for the configuration window! This configuration window appears as soon as you switch on your laptop and your machine begins to set up the operating system. If there is no configuration message or window, chances are, you are not the first one to inaugurate your laptop. 

  • Ensure back-pack’s authenticity 

Most of the brands offer you a laptop bag along with the notebook/laptop. These bags come with their respective brand logo fixed on the bag, either on the front or on the back of the bag. Please make sure, the logos are placed on these bags. Why? Because logos on the bag suggest authenticity and authenticity further suggests that these bags are designed to carry your laptop safely and conveniently wherever you travel. So, always go for a laptop bag offered by the brand itself. 

  •  After-sales service 

As we mentioned earlier, visiting a store that offers laptops on lower prices are not always advisable. No doubts, these stores may offer you the best economical price, but having an authorized and a certified dealership from the brand offers you great after-sales service. After- sales service is extremely important as it not only offers after-sales assistance from the sales team but also includes product warranty, accidental warranty, product insurance, along with other back-to-school and college offers that make your future journey with the laptop even more pleasant. 

So, what are you waiting for? You have your tips. Now, you can go ahead and make a purchase of your choice. All the best!